private 1:1 coaching

Transform your body, expand your consciousness, and elevate your soul, through personalized fitness coaching.

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let’s talk about you

Maybe you’ve been on your wellness journey for sometime, or you want to get started, but you just don’t know where to begin.

You’ve tried juice cleanses, the raw food diet, cutting carbs, or even just eating healthy foods… but you still don’t feel like your best self. You find yourself lacking energy throughout the day, you’re wondering why you’re bloated after eating a healthy meal, or your cravings have just gotten way out of control.

You’ve been hitting the gym a few days a week and trying out new workout plans, but you still are not seeing the physical results you are working so hard for. You’re becoming frustrated from your lack of progress, and wondering what the fuck you are doing wrong.

And between your diet and exercise routine, you are trying to deepen your spiritual practice. You hear about crystal healing, chakra balancing, tarot cards, and “expanding your consciousness”, but all of the information out there is totally vague and you can’t find the personalized guidance you know you need. You try meditating daily, but you find yourself hitting the snooze button for some extra sleep.

You want to feel motivated, committed, and inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and grow spiritually, but you’re just not sure how to do it.

I know exactly how you feel, because I used to be that girl too.



it’s time to step into your true self

You have the power to nourish your body, transform your mind, and invigorate your spirit.

Take a moment and visualize the absolute highest version of yourself.

  • You feeling physically and mentally strong in the gym, working out in a way that keeps you progressing towards your fitness goals, while strengthening the connection to your soul.

  • You feeling energized, well-nourished, and satisfied after eating a meal.

  • You having a healthy relationship with food by eating mindfully, and in alignment with your body and mind.

  • You feeling so deeply connected to your soul, by accessing higher levels of consciousness that you didn’t even know existed.

  • You breaking through all of your self-limiting beliefs and stepping into your own power.

You finally feeling balanced: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Are you ready to become your healthiest, highest self?


Hi, I’m Chelsea

I’m a mind-body wellness coach that integrates fitness + nutrition + spirituality.

I help people achieve their fitness goals and connect to their souls, by combining spirituality with modern exercise and nutritional science.


  my approach



I believe that the impact of fitness is so beyond the physical change that majority of fitness coaches focus on. Yes, consistent exercise and following a proper diet will yield physical results over time. However, the real transformation exists within; the shift in your perception, your personal power, the connection to your soul.

But we all still want to look good, right? When we are confident in our bodies, these sacred vessels that carry our souls through this existence, we feel like our best selves from the inside out. There is nothing wrong with wanting to transform your body externally, so long as you understand that your body is a manifestation of the Divine power, which in essence is perfect.

While you reshape your body through exercise and diet, you also change your mind. By moving your body, you are moving prana (life energy). By eating nourishing foods, you are healing your mental state.

My approach combines modern exercise and nutritional science to get you the physical results you desire, while integrating practices spirituality to transform you from the inside.

Fitness can become a path to spirituality, the same way as yoga, meditation, or even psychedelics. By approaching fitness as a means of spiritual growth and accessing higher levels of consciousness, I will help your transform from the inside out.


what does working with me look like?

  • 1:1 fitness coaching with a unique exercise and meditation program custom to your mind-body type (dosha) and physical fitness goal.

  • Nutritional guidance and custom meal plan that combines the Ayurvedic diet with modern nutritional science.

  • Dosha (mind/body) balancing and lifestyle redesign through exercise, diet, meditation, pranayama, yoga, self-care practices, mindset shifts, and more.

  • Mindset transformation to help you get past mental blocks, to allow abundance and manifestations to flow into your life.

  • Deep dive into your subconscious to understand which chakras are out of alignment, and guidance on how to balance them.

  • Curated morning routine to get you aligned before you start your day.

  • Weekly check-in calls via phone or video

  • Access to me on a daily basis via text  



For more information on investment + pricing, please inquire below.