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fitness is soooo beyond the physical.

We all know the “equation” to physical change. Follow an exercise plan, eat a healthy diet, and overtime your body will change.

There are thousands of fitness plans out there that all follow that same equation.

But there are way more values that are simply not being accounted for.

Like your mental well-being. Your natural physical characteristics. Your tendencies and habits. Your subconscious beliefs. Your self-perception. Your current mind-body balance.

All of those values are just left out of the equation.

So it comes no surprise that people experience more fatigue and burn out, develop an unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies, and feel less self-love, than before starting.

Fitness programs out there that focus entirely on the physical, make us lose touch with our true selves.

Fitness is supposed to keep you in balance, not push you out of alignment.

The true benefits of fitness far exceed just the changes of the physical body. Fitness can expand your consciousness, help eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and deepen the connection with your soul.

When approached from the goal of mind-body balance, fitness has the power to transform you from the inside out, elevating you to your highest self.


What is MyElements?

MyElements is the first fitness membership site that infuses spirituality into exercise and nutrition.

We believe that consistent movement and care for the body, has the power to transform the physical, heal the mind, and deepen the connection to the soul.

Instead of keeping meditation, mindfulness, and your chakra balancing practices separate, we infuse those spiritual practices with your daily workouts and meals.

The membership is customized to your unique mind-body type (known as your “dosha constitution” in Ayurveda), which accounts for your mental well-being, natural tendencies and habits, and physical characteristics. Ayurvedic principles are combined with modern science, to help you achieve mind-body balance, and physical transformation (such as lose body fat, gain muscle, etc.).

MyElements has a team of health professionals, wellness coaches, and spiritual practitioners, who are involved together on your journey to transforming yourself from the inside out. They are available to you throughout your membership, and are dedicated to sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

We are here to bring you back into your elements.




Exercise isn’t just about moving energy through the physical body. Exercise allows energy to move through the subtle body, too.

When you move your body and allow energy to flow through the energy centers, or the “chakras”, you are able to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Your workouts are in essence, moving meditations, that help you strengthen the mind-body-soul connection.

What’s included in the membership:

  • New workout plans every month, custom to your mind-body type (Ayurvedic dosha) and physical fitness goal (lose fat, build muscle, etc.)

  • Guided post-workout meditations

  • Rest and recovery plan including stretching, yoga, and self-care practices



Food is energy, that nourishes your body and your mind. Elements of the Ayurvedic diet are combined with modern nutritional science, helping you elevate your consciousness and achieve your physical fitness goal.

There are absolutely NO food restrictions, only recommendations of foods that restore mind-body balance.

What’s included in the membership:

  • Complete guidebook on how to combine the Ayurvedic diet with modern nutritional science

  • Step-by-step guide for calculating your calories and macros to achieve your fitness goal

  • Recommended foods list for your mind-body type (dosha)

  • Daily food journal for tracking your meals

  • Mindful eating practices and tips for having a healthy relationship with food

  • Plant-based recipe book with tons of meal ideas



At the very core, spirituality is just about returning to your true self. It’s deepening the connection to the soul, which exists beneath all of your human “programming”, self-limiting beliefs, and your ego.

Spiritual practices including meditation, chakra balancing, energy healing, manifestation techniques, are integrated into your membership.

What’s included in the membership:

  • Monthly masterclasses on topics related to spirituality (i.e. chakras, manifestation, law of attraction, tantra, eastern philosophy, etc.)

  • Monthly book club, selecting a book that expands consciousness and deepens soul connectivity

  • Guided meditations and yoga classes from wellness experts

  • Daily journal prompts and morning/night routine guidance for lifestyle re-design and subconscious shifting


Hey, I’m Chelsea. 

I’m a body-mind wellness coach, that integrates fitness + nutrition + spirituality.

My own fitness journey led me on a deep spiritual path that I feel is my soul’s purpose to share with the world and to serve as guide for others on their path.

I found fitness during the darkest time of my life, a time where I felt like I had zero control over my reality. I was living as a victim to my circumstances and I was crumbling with the feeling of lost control. The gym became my sanctuary, and my workouts became moving meditations that took me to an altered state of consciousness (even to a complete out-of-body, ego dissolution experience). Over the years, consistent exercise and a healthy diet has entirely re-programmed my subconscious mind, aiding me in my inner quest to returning to balance and my true self. I now exercise out of deep gratitude for my body, and nourish myself with food that raises my energetic vibration.

Fitness was the catalyst for my spiritual “awakening”, and I believe that it has the power to raise collective consciousness, one person at a time.

It’s time to step into your highest self.

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