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How to Use the Law of Attraction & Ayurveda to Reach Your Fitness Goal

This free masterclass will teach your how to use spiritual practices, including Law of Attraction, manifestation, and Ayurveda to transform your body and your mind.


Chelsea Marie, Mind-Body Transformation Coach


In this LIVE masterclass, you will learn…

  • How you have the power to change your reality and manifest physical results with the Law of Attraction.

  • How to identify subconscious beliefs that are keeping you from achieving your goal (and living the lifestyle you desire) .

  • How to transform your physical body, while cultivating enormous self-love.

  • How to set “soul aligned” goals with strong, positive intention.

  • How to use Ayurveda to create a well-balanced nutrition and fitness routine.



about me (Chelsea)

Hey, I’m Chelsea. I’m a mind-body wellness coach, who integrates fitness + nutrition + spirituality.


I help people achieve their fitness goals and live high-vibe, soul aligned lives, through the spiritual practices of Law of Attraction, manifestation, and Ayurveda.

My own fitness journey led me on a deep spiritual path that I feel is my soul’s purpose to share with the world and to serve as guide for others on their path.

I found fitness during the darkest time of my life, a time where I felt like I had zero control over my reality. I was living as a victim to my circumstances and I was crumbling with the feeling of lost control. The gym became my sanctuary, and my workouts became moving meditations that took me to an altered state of consciousness (even to a complete out-of-body, ego dissolution experience). Over the years, consistent exercise and a healthy diet has entirely re-programmed my subconscious mind, aiding me in my inner quest to returning to balance and my true self. I now exercise out of deep gratitude for my body, and nourish myself with food that raises my energetic vibration.

Fitness was the catalyst for my spiritual “awakening”, and I believe that it has the power to raise collective consciousness, one person at a time.

It’s time to step into your highest self.