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Transformational course designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and raise your vibration.

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So, you‘re embarking on your wellness journey...

You have tried countless juice cleanses, the raw food diet, cutting carbs, and you seem to be eating all the healthy foods… but you still don’t feel like your best self. 

You find yourself lacking energy throughout the day. You feel bloated after eating a super healthy meal. You find yourself cravings foods that you didn’t even used to crave. And now, you suddenly have this weird, unhealthy relationship with food that you didn’t use to have.

You mindlessly eat your meals while scrolling through Instagram and forget what your food even tasted like.

And as soon as you turn on Netflix and grab your fav snack, you find yourself eating the whole bag, wondering WTF just happened.

You’ve been hitting the gym a few days a week, but that’s only really if you have a week of high motivation. You’re constantly trying out new workout plans, hoping to find one that you can actually stay consistent with. But ugh, it so damn hard to stay consistent when your goal feels so far away. Plus, who even has the time to exercise for 2+ hours a day? 

And then… ~ * spirituality *~

You're attending yoga classes every week, but when the yoga instructor starts to talk about the chakra system, you have no idea what he/she is talking about.

You’ve dowloaded every meditation app out there, but can’t seem to stick with a consistent practice.

Everyone and their mom seems to own crystals, but you really have no idea how to actually use crystals for self-healing.

You want to have a self-care practice and morning routine that helps you with self-love, but you have no idea where to even start (and it doesn’t help that you keep hitting the snooze button every morning).

Girl, I get you.

I know you want to be motivated, committed, and inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and grow spiritually, but you’re just not sure how to do it. 

You want that toned physique that makes you feel damn confident in whatever it is that you wear (be it a super cute crop top or a hoodie and baggy sweatpants).

You want to nourish your body with beautiful fruits and veggies, while also feeling no fucking shame for sinking your teeth into a delicious piece of cheesecake (vegan, of course).

You want to be that woke, high-vibe friend that emanates pure joy and light, making everyone feel elevated just being in your presence (yes, YOU are that awesome).

You want to live the version of your reality where you feel aligned and balanced: mind, body, soul.

You want to step into your highest self.


you need transform your mind, to change the body


Let’s be real. Staying on point with your workouts, your diet, and your spiritual practices can get real overwhelming. And when you’re overwhelmed, your motivations dips, you fall back into old patterns, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve you, and you just feel so out of alignment.

The real reason why you are not feeling like your absolute best physically, mentally, and soulfully, is because you aren’t cultivating the right mindset first.

And in order to manifest your dream body, develop a healthy, balanced relationship with food, and create your dream lifestyle, you have to do the inner work too.

Your inner reality creates your outer reality. You have to remove all of those self-limiting beliefs and habits that don’t serve you, in order to be in a higher vibration and manifest physical results with ease.

You don’t need to follow another cookie cutter workout plan that keeps you in the gym for 2+ hours a day, draining all of your energy and keeping you obsessed with how your body looks.

You don’t need to hit up the health food store and stock up on more green juices, kombucha, and spirulina. 

You don’t need to buy a shit ton of crystals and the most expensive set of essential oils to take care of your inner self.

What you really need is to raise your vibration to match the frequency you want to be in, allowing you to manifest the body, mindset, and high vibe lifestyle you truly want and deserve.

You need to…

  • Pinpoint the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your fitness goal and changing your lifestyle.

  • Switch your subconscious programming to habits, patterns, and beliefs that bring your closer to your highest self.

  • Learn how to balance the body and the mind, while understanding how the two communicate with each other.

  • Find out which foods are best suited for your mind-body type, that will make you feel amazing physically and mentally.

  • Understand how there is energy in food beyond just the calories and macros; subtle energy which affects the mind.

  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with food, that allows you to eat mindfully and in a way that brings nourishment and satisfaction to the body and mind.

  • Follow a workout program that is designed for your unique mind-body type, that transforms your body and elevates your mind.

  • Learn how to grow spiritually through your wellness journey, understanding how exercise and nutrition can bring you closer to your soul and re-program your subconscious.

  • Integrate and implement spiritual practices, like Law of Attraction, manifestation, chakra balancing, meditation, mindfulness, into your daily life, so you can expand your consciousness and thrive in all areas of life.


it’s time to step into your higehst self

Imagine this…

You wake up to the natural cues of your body (snooze button? what is that?). You feel motivated to get out of bed, and you look forward to starting your morning routine that you know will put you in the right mindset and highest vibration for the rest of your day. You start by burning your favorite incense, already feeling a sense of inner peace as you take in the blissful aroma. You then brew yourself a warm cup of your fav tea or coffee, and open up that incredible book you cannot stop reading. That book that expands your consciousness, and gives you a new perspective on what is possible in life. You write in your daily journal, allowing yourself to empty any thoughts that may have risen. You write down your “I am” affirmations, and get clear on what would make today a success (of course, having a killer workout is one of them).

So, you put on your gym clothes (even that crop top you feel confident in rocking), slip on your running shoes, and head to the gym to get your sweat on.

You put in your headphones and instantly find yourself entering a meditative, flow-like state. You feel physically and mentally strong, and you are progressing every single week. Your focus is entirely on feeling into your body, and using the mind to communicate with it. You are so entranced with your workout that the hour flies by.

And after moving energy through the physical body, and the subtle bodies (chakras), you are now ready to mediate. As you gently close your eyes, your heart rate begins to slow back down, while sweat still drips down your face. You feel the energy moving through the seven chakras of your body, starting at the base of the spine moving towards the crown of your head.


Your mind is clear. Your focus is in the background of your thoughts. You are in a state of pure bliss. You are simply being your highest self.

As you get ready for the rest of the day, you feel energized, refreshed, balanced.

Your vibration remains high throughout the rest of the day, and people feel elevated when they are merely in your presence. You eat foods that nourish both your body and mind, leaving you totally satisfied. You are present and motivated when you are at work, instead of feeling like you operating on autopilot.

You feel so incredibly balanced and at peace with yourself, and with the reality you artfully manifested.

And you catch yourself wondering, does anyone else feel the way I do?

You finally feel in your highest alignment. You are living that high vibe, wellness lifestyle: mind, body, soul.


say hello to

MindBodyFit e-course

MindBodyFit is a transformational e-course designed to shift your mind, change your body, and deepen the connection to your soul.

The course will guide your through your wellness journey, and teach you how to leverage your fitness routine as a way of growing spiritually. 

Spiritual practices including the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, and Ayurveda, are combined with modern science, to shape-shift your internal reality to create the physical changes you desire.

You will discover exactly what subconscious beliefs are stopping you from achieving your goals, how to re-program your subconscious to bring you closer to your highest self, and exactly how to finally get the physical results you want from your fitness routine.

All about that mind, body, soul connection.


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What’s included:


9 Activating Modules

The course starts by setting the foundation with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, where you will then discover what is stopping your from living your high-vibe, wellness life. You will then get crystal clear on your intention and goal, while honoring your starting point. The course moves into modules on Ayurveda, nutrition, exercise, and spirituality, full of comprehensive information that is interactive and integrative. Then, we get to the “nitty gritty”. I guide you through exactly how to craft the perfect plan to balance your body and mind, and get that hot bod you want and deserve. The final module is all about progression; how to stay consistent and motivated, forever. Yes, really, forever. This is a lifestyle transformation!

*Each module includes a unique workbook and guide to help you fully integrate the course content and apply it directly to your life.


12-weeks of workouts

Follow the perfect workout plan for your unique mind-body type. There are three different 12-week workout plans for each “dosha” (Ayurvedic mind-body type): Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Each workout plan accounts for your natural physical characteristics, exercise preferences, recovery needs, all to keep balance of the mind and body.


Full video library of all exercises

Not sure how to really squat and deadlift? I got you.

Access a video library of all recommended exercises in each of the workout plans. Includes tips, tricks, and form cues to keep you feelin’ the muscles working, while preventing any chance of injury.


Post Workout Meditations

Meditating right after your workout is powerful. When you exercise, you aren’t just moving your physical body. You are also moving energy through the subtle energy centers of the body (the “chakras”), unlocking channels and removing energy blockages that are keeping you from reaching higher levels of consciousness.

Included with the course are three guided meditations for post-workout to help you keep your vibe high, while feeling grounded and at peace.


Mindful eating journal

This isn’t just another calorie-counter, food journal. The mindful eating food journal will allow you to yes track calories and macros, but also reflect on how food makes you feel physically and mentally. Notice any eating patterns, digestive issues, or tendencies that could be signs of a mind-body imbalance.


Weekly Check-In Calls with Chelsea

Every week for 12-weeks, you will have access to me (Chelsea) to answer any questions you may have. I’ll also be there to support you with weekly motivation, to keep your vibe high and to help you stay consistent.


Private Facebook Community

Your tribe affects your vibe. Stay motivated and in your highest alignment by surrounding yourself with other people who are all committed and motivated to transform their mind and body, so they can connect to their soul.

You will get access to a private Facebook group to support one another on your wellness journeys.


Approach to Nutrition

Food is energy, that nourishes your body and your mind.

Elements of the Ayurvedic diet are combined with modern nutritional science, helping you elevate your consciousness and achieve your physical fitness goal.

The Ayurvedic diet is about eating foods that are aligned with your unique mind-body type, also called “dosha”. Certain foods are recommended to keep you mentally and physically balanced, and feeling like your best self.

Modern nutritional science sees food as purely energy for the body. You know what I’m talking about… calories and macronutrients.

The MindBodyFit course is focused on balancing the mind while also creating change in the physical body. Basically, you want to follow a diet that accounts for your mental sanity, while also getting you those abs.

Oh, and don’t you worry. There are NO food restrictions, only recommendations.


Approach to Exercise


Fitness is beyond just the physical body.

Exercise isn’t just about moving energy through the physical body. Exercise allows energy to move through the subtle body, too.

When you move your body and allow energy to flow through the energy centers, or the “chakras”, you are able to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Your workouts are in essence, moving meditations, that help you strengthen the mind-body-soul connection.

You will learn how to exercise right for your mind-body type (Ayurvedic dosha), and the best recovery practices to keep you mentally balanced and physically progressing.

*There are three, 12-week workout plans includes (one for each dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha).


Approach to Spirituality

At the very core, spirituality is just about returning to your true self. It’s deepening the connection to the soul, which exists beneath all of your human “programming”, self-limiting beliefs, and your ego.

Within every workout and every meal, there is an opportunity for you to grow spiritually. The MindBodyFit e-course teaches you how to use fitness as a tool for practicing mindfulness, expanding your consciousness, and finding the deep connection with yourself beyond the physical body. Working out and eating your meals can actually serve as meditations.

The course also covers additional spiritual practices that help keep the mind-body balanced including chakra balancing, yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing), and crystal healing.


hey, I’m Chelsea

2_about-heroimage copy.png

I’m a mind-body wellness coach, that integrates fitness + nutrition + spirituality.

My own fitness journey led me on a deep spiritual path that I feel is my soul’s purpose to share with the world and to serve as guide for others on their path.

I found fitness during the darkest time of my life, a time where I felt like I had zero control over my reality. I was living as a victim to my circumstances and I was crumbling with the feeling of lost control. The gym became my sanctuary, and my workouts became moving meditations that took me to an altered state of consciousness (even to a complete out-of-body, ego dissolution experience). Over the years, consistent exercise and a healthy diet has entirely re-programmed my subconscious mind, aiding me in my inner quest to returning to balance and my true self. I now exercise out of deep gratitude for my body, and nourish myself with food that raises my energetic vibration.

Fitness was the catalyst for my spiritual “awakening”, and I believe that it has the power to raise collective consciousness, one person at a time.

It’s time to step into your highest self.


 course breakdown

The MindBodyFit e-course includes 9 modules of video content. Each module includes a unique workbook and guide to help you integrate the content into your daily life.


Module 1: Setting the Foundation

  • Everything is energy

  • What is the Law of Attraction?

  • How does manifestation really work?

  • The role of the subconscious mind

  • Habits, patterns, and routines

Module 2: Discover What is Stopping You

  • Determining your current vibrational frequency

  • Becoming aware of your self-limiting beliefs

  • Assessing your current habits, patterns, and daily routine

  • How to change your subconscious beliefs

Module 3: Getting Clear on Your Intention & Goal

  • Why fitness really has nothing to do with the physical

  • Determining your physical fitness goal

  • Realizing your soul’s true intention (feeling you want to manifest)

  • Become aware of where you currently are, and where you want to be

Module 4: Overview of Ayurveda

  • What is Ayurveda?

  • The three doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha

  • Determining your unique dosha constitution (mind-body type)

  • Signs of dosha imbalances and treatments

Module 5: Nutrition

  • Levels of nourishment (how food affects body and mind)

  • Ayurvedic diet (eating for your dosha, three gunas, six rasas)

  • Modern nutritional science (how body uses food for energy, calories/macros)

  • Mindful eating techniques and practices

Module 6: Movement

  • Benefits of exercise on mind, body, spirit

  • Basic principles of exercise programming for physical progression

  • Exercise and the Ayurvedic doshas

  • Mindset and exercise

  • Post-workout meditations and recovery

Module 7: Crafting the Perfect Mind-Body Plan

  • Starting with intention, physical goal, and dosha

  • Get real with where you are physically and mentally (how many calories you’re actually eating, current relationship with food, dosha imbalances)

  • How to calculate your calories and macros to achieve your goal

  • Determining best dieting method for you (meal plan, tracking food, intuitive eating)

  • Selecting the right workout plan for your mind-body type

  • Creating the best wellness routine for your lifestyle

Module 8: Spirituality

  • What is spirituality, really?

  • Growing spiritually through your wellness journey

  • Meditation

  • Chakra balancing

  • Yoga

  • Pranayama (breathing)

  • Crystal healing

Module 9: Staying in Flux

  • How to assess progress for continual evolvement

  • Adjusting for your dosha when there is a sign of imbalance

  • Breaking through weight-loss and muscle building plateaus

  • Continuously developing spiritual practice

  • How to stay motivated and consistent!


There will be special early bird pricing and exclusive bonuses for those who are on the waitlist.




When is the course launching? +

The course is set to launch early 2019.

Who is The MindBodyFit course for? +

The MindBodyFit e-course is for anyone that wants to achieve their fitness/wellness goals and uplevel their life!

What format is the course content delivered in?

The course content is presented through video and slides, with additional workbooks/worksheets for each module.

How long do I have access to this course?

Forever! But seriously. You will have lifetime access to the course, which also includes any updates or additions made.

When are the modules released? +

The modules will be "dripped" over 9 weeks (1 module each week). You will have immediate access to the workout program and mutliple resources to help you with exercise and diet.

Will I receive 1:1 coaching? +

Unfortunately not, as I cannot give enough time or focus to every single person who joins the course. HOWEVER, there are weekly, live Q&A/check-in calls with me! You also have access to me via email with a 24h guranteed response time.

Is this a live program? +

YES and NO. There are weekly live Q&A calls with me. The rest of the course is all ready to access immediately after purchase.

What if I can’t attend the weekly coaching calls? +

No worries! All calls will be recorded and accessible for re-watching. Questions are submitted beforehand.

Do I need access to a gym, or can workouts be done at home? +

YES. All workouts do require gym euipment that is found at most commerical gyms.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Yup! There is a 30-day refund period - guaranteed!


your intuition led you here

 Your body is a temple.

Your body is the vessel that allows you to experience this existence.

Your body is the platform for self-realization and liberation.

When you honor your body and your mind, you honor consciousness.

It’s time to uplevel your mind, so you can transform your body and reconnect to your soul.

Ready to become your highest self?