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Episode 003: Divine Feminine, Conscious Menstruation, and Tantra with Nadine Lee


Are you tapped into your divine feminine? Do you keep hearing about yoni eggs, but have no idea how to actually use them? Are you wondering why men who practice Tantric sex don’t ejaculate? (Yeah, we go there!)

In this episode, I chat with Tantra and feminine embodiment coach, Nadine, to discuss divine feminine energy, conscious menstruation, and tantric practices.

We chat about…

- Nadine’s early Kundalini Awakening and her spiritual journey

- What Tantra actually is (spoiler alert: it’s not just about sex)

- Tantric sex

- How to work with your menstrual cycle and tap into womb wisdom

- Differences in menstruation symptoms

- What it means if you lost your cycle

- What “yoni eggs” are, and how they are used

- Practices to help you tap into your feminine energy

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