body of soul podcast

Episode 002: How My Fitness Journey Led Me to Down A Spiritual Path


"Get fit". I remembering setting this as my New Years resolution years ago, during a time when I felt like I had lost complete control over my life. Initially, I started exercising and cleaning up my diet to change my outward appearance, in hopes that by doing so I would reclaim power over my life. Yet after spending years battling eating disorders, exercise addictions, and body dysmorphia, I found myself on a deeper journey of self-discovery, beyond the physical aspects of fitness.

In this episode, I share my entire fitness journey , and how it ultimately led me down my spiritual path.

I chat about...

- The "life-shattering" event that broke my family apart and how it led me to fitness

- My experience with eating disorders, exercise addictions, and body dysmorphia

- Transitioning to "flexible dieting" / IIFYM

- Getting into bodybuilding and powerlifting

- My "out-of-body" experience while running, that changed my life

- How my entire perception of my internal reality and the external reality shifted

- Healing my perspective of exercise and nutrition (plus, going vegan!)

- Cultivating self-love for my body, mind, and soul