The Beginner's Guide to Tarot Cards


the beginners’s guide to tarot cards


For all of the modern mystics of the 21st century, tarot cards are still an excellent tool for getting real with yourself. Tarot cards can help you uncover your inner truth, understand how your experiences have impacted you on a deeper level, and surface answers to questions you may be asking.

Many of us seek the advice or validation from others when making decisions. We ask our friends for relationship advice, when they really have nothing to do with our connection with the other person. We ask our families for direction on which career path to take, even though it’s our life, not theirs. We seek assurance from everyone but yourself. We go to others to confirm that we have made the right decision, are thinking logically through a situation, and that we are paving the way for a better future.

We have come to distrust our ability to make sense of our lives and to make our own decisions. And despite following what others tell us is the right thing to do, we still find ourselves questioning our decisions. That’s because no one else in the world knows what you truly need, except for yourself.

The intention with tarot cards is not to get advice from someone else or have someone tell you WTF to do with your life. Tarot cards allow you to be both the advice seeker and the advice giver. They can help you access a deeper level of understanding about your true desires, intentions, and motivations. Ultimately, they offer the guidance you are seeking by letting you answer your questions yourself.

Tarot cards help you realize that every single answer, piece of advice, realization that you need, is already within you. Tarot cards bring it all to the surface if your consciousness, so you can take inspired action in the direction your soul needs.

Getting started with Tarot Cards

1. Buy a Tarot Card deck!

My first tarot card deck was the most spontaneous purchase ever. I have no clue what came over me, but I wanted to get my hands on some tarot cards ASAP. So thanks to Amazon Prime, I had my first deck of tarot cards in my hands two days later.

I selected the The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook. The cards come in a keepsake box with a guidebook that includes instructions on how to get started, shuffling your cards, different tarot spreads, and the meanings for each card. Not to mention, the illustrations for each tarot card in this deck are absolutely GORGEOUS.

This deck just feels fucking magical.


2. ~*Sage your deck*~

This step is entirely optional, but if you’re feeling extra witchy, you can sage your deck to cleanse its energy. Try visiting the local “hippy vibe” shops in your area, or you can just Amazon Prime that too.


3. Familiarize yourself with the cards

Shuffle through any deck of Tarot Cards and you’ll be quickly overwhelmed by the expansive amount of different images, colors, and card names. Each card can have a myriad of subtle visual cues and subliminal meanings that influence the interpretation of the card. While most decks include descriptions for each of the cards, everyone’s interpretation of the card will vary.

Before starting your reading, I would suggest shuffling through the cards and just taking a look at them. Don’t try to decipher their meanings or make any assumptions. Simply acknowledge the unique energy each of them hold.

4. Reflect upon what you need most right now

Now that you have familiarized yourself with your tarot cards, it’s time to get clear on your intention. What do you want to discover about yourself? What is a challenge you are facing? Is there a relationship you need to assess? Are you seeking an answer to a pressing life question?

Think about what you need to uncover right now to help you become your best self and unlock your true potential. And most importantly, why do you have that intention?

Carry your intention or question with you as you shuffle and draw your cards.

5. Decide on a tarot spread 

There are tons of tarot spreads that can help you access your subconscious to get clarity on something or someone in your life. Depending on what intention you have set, select the tarot card spread that can best unlock the answers or realizations you may be seeking.

If you are curious about the course of your life, then the past, present, future spread may serve you best.

If you need clarity on a situation, then the clarity spread may serve you best.

If you want to make sense of a complex situation or feeling, then the celtic cross spread may serve you best.

If you want to assess a relationship, then the connection spread may serve you best.

You can also draw one card a day and apply it directly to your life. Simply ask a question such as, "What should I be more aware of in my life?" Use the card as a point of focus for your intention.

These are just some common tarot card spreads to try. There are SO many out there for pretty much every and any intention you may have.

I've compiled the tarot card spreads mentioned above, plus six more in this free e-book. Sign up to receive all 10 tarot card spreads with full layouts and instructions for each.


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10 Tarot card spreads to guide you on your inner quest


6. Read your cards

Before pulling out your tarot card guidebook and reading up on their meanings, try interpreting them on your own first. Use your own unique, inner wisdom and intuition to give them meaning.

  • How do the cards make you feel?

  • What did you first notice about the visuals on the cards?

  • What associations did you make without thinking?

After interpreting them on your own, then take a look at your guidebook. Even if you’re assumptions were completely off, that’s totally okay. Acknowledge your own perspective, and think through the attached meaning to the card. Perhaps you may realize something that existed at a much deeper level, that your conscious was not able to process alone. [line of text]

6. Reflect and take action!

Last step is to reflect upon what you discovered about yourself during your tarot card reading. I would highly suggest journaling about your experience. Writing can be extremely beneficial for gaining more clarity, processing your thoughts, and transferring your feelings into words. Plus it’s always fun to take a look back at your journal months or years later and come back to that moment and state of mind.

Just like The Law of Attraction, action must be taken in order to manifest what surfaces during a tarot card reading. Perhaps your reading revealed that you are in a toxic relationship that is constraining you from living your truth, or that an experience from your past is blocking you from reaching your full potential in the present. In order to feel and experience the effective changes of your realizations, you have to take the necessary action to actualize them.

Change in your physical reality does not happen without action.

Tarot cards are unique to you, because you are unlike anyone else

You have to remember that we are all unique individuals with totally different experiences, perspectives, and thought processes. We are all living in our very own realities, and none of us are living the exact same lives or perceiving the world the same. Our understanding for tarot card meanings will vary, and the way we apply their meanings to our lives will differ.

That’s the true magic of tarot cards. They can always give us the answers we are looking for, because they spark an open communication with our soul. We already have all of the answers within. Tarot cards just serve as a powerful tool that can help surface them.


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10 Tarot card spreads to guide you on your inner quest