How to Select and Use Crystals For Healing


how to select and use crystals for healing


I think the first person I saw using crystals was Spencer Pratt on the reality TV show, The Hills. (Seriously, no joke) 

He was having a “moment” of pent up anger, and started pressing a large, glistening crystal to his forehead while taking long, deep breaths. As I was watching this, I couldn’t help but think "WTF... crystals are for crazy people”.

But as I started to delve deeper into my own spiritual journey, I found that crystals actually serve a purpose for inner healing. The power of crystals falls under the universal truth that everything is energy. Crystals have been shown to vibrate at their own frequencies, and even respond to the input of other vibrations. Related to the chakra system, crystals can be used to activate and amplify specific chakras of the body, which then impact the energy we feel internally and the energy we exude.

Brief History on Crystal Healing

Crystals aren’t just a new age, spiritual hippie thing either. Crystals have been used for a variety of spiritual and healing purposes that date back centuries among many civilizations.

The Greeks: The word crystal actually comes from the Greek word “krustallos”, which means ice. The Greeks believed that crystals, like clear quartz, were eternal forms of ice sent from the heavens.

The Ancient Egyptians: Ancient Egyptians used crystals for protection, love, health, vitality, and spiritual connectivity. They would bury the dead with crystals for protection in the afterlife, soldiers would wear Amethyst during battle to bring courage, and dancers would wear rubies on their belly buttons to enhance their sexuality.

Do crystals actually work?

If you’re thinking the use of crystals is just a bunch of "woo woo", I get it. There honestly is not much scientific research on crystal healing, but the research studies that have been conducted show a strong placebo effect.

In a study conducted by the European Congress of Psychology in Rome, participants were separated into two groups. One group received a piece of real quartz crystal, while the other group was given a “fake” crystal made of glass. Half of the participants in each group were primed with information about what they may feel from meditating with crystals. The participants then meditated with the objects and answered questions about any sensations they felt while meditating.

What the researchers found was that participants in either group (real crystal and piece of glass), felt the healing powers if they were primed with the knowledge beforehand. It was concluded that crystals themselves may not have healing effects, but the placebo effect is real.

In my view, crystals only “work” if you believe that they do. Remember that the mind is incredibly powerful, and our thoughts are the basis of our reality. Whatever you think and believe, will manifest.

How to Select and Use Crystals

1. Draw your attention inwards

Before you get started with crystals, you need to deepen your awareness with your internal self. Basically, get fucking real with yourself.

How are you really feeling? What is blocking you from living your full potential? 

I believe that the best way to understand what exactly needs healing is to hone in on the seven chakras. The chakras are the wheel-like energy centers existing in the subtle body that integrate our mind, body, and soul. Ideally, all chakras should be balanced in order to live in a state of bliss and happiness. If one chakra is unbalanced, in can throw the whole system off.

By understanding which chakras need balancing, you can determine which crystals can aid in re-balancing that energy center. For instance, if you are feeling closed off from love and relationships, your heart chakra may be under active and may need healing. To help re-balance your heart chakra, you can set intentions with certain crystals that ignite feelings of love, compassion, and openness.

2. Go crystal shopping!

If you have a local crystal shop nearby, I highly suggest selecting your crystals in-person versus online. Being able to physically touch or be in the same energy field as the crystals will allow you to be more in tune with the vibrational energy each crystal gives off.

When selecting a crystal, you can either go in with a clear intention (knowing which crystal you need for healing), or you can go entirely based on intuition.

If you decide to select a crystal with intention, you’ll want to know which chakra is out of balance, and which types of crystals will help with healing.

If you decide to go with your intuition, you can just walk into the shop and select whichever crystal you naturally gravitate towards. Don’t think it through or try to find the most "perfect" looking crystal. Just trust your inner self. It knows exactly what you need.

3. Cleanse your crystal

There are a few ways to rid your crystal of any previous energy it came in contact with. My favorite method is burning sage and immersing the crystal in the smoke. You can also bathe them in sea salt water, leave them outside to receive energy from the moon and sun, or place them next to clear quartz for cleansing.

4. Set your intention

And this where the “magic” happens. When setting your intention, think about what you truly need in order to be a better version of yourself. Go beyond the surface level, physical stuff. An intention is not “I want a million dollars”, but it can be “I want to attract opportunities of prosperity into my life, allowing me to feel grounded and safe in this world.”

Set an intention that conveys a strong sense of self-belief, and one that inspires action when you focus on it. Remember, action is what allows intentions to be manifested!

5. Incorporate your crystals into your everyday life

When you first start collecting crystals, you will want to create a sacred space for your collection. This could be on a tray, in a box, on your shelf… literally anywhere that allows their energy to be elevated and released.

To work with your crystals, you can hold them during mediation, place them on your body during savasana after a yoga sesh, or simply hold them with your hands to feel the intention you had set. Another option is carrying them around with you.

People at my work probably wonder why the f*** I place a crystal on my desk everyday (I don’t care what anyone thinks though). But having a certain crystal with me at the times of the day where I need the most grounding (such as work), reminds me of my intentions and allows me to re-connect to my true self.

Crystals can work if you allow them to

Remember, that crystals only work if you believe that they do. Set positive intentions that will help you reach your highest self, and internalize and radiate the positive energy that crystals can offer you.


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