What is The Law of Attraction? (and how to actually make it work for you)

what is the law of attraction?


The Law of Attraction follows the simple premise that you are the sole creator of your reality. You are creating your reality with every conscious and subconscious thought, and it is through action in which our thoughts manifest into our physical reality.

Our minds contain thoughts that stem from previously stored information, whether it’s our past experiences, things people have said to us, what we have seen, felt, believed… everything that has influenced our current self. Our reality is an accumulation of the past, present, and future, that all starts in our mind. We are constantly translating the thoughts in our mind to become our reality, where “thoughts become things”.

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract whatever we are focusing on at the conscious level, into our lives in the material world. It follows the universal principle that everything is energy, all vibrating at different frequencies, which includes your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Whatever energy you put out into the world, the universe will attract the same energy back into your life.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

1. Become aware of what you focus your energy on

Before putting the Law of Attraction to use, you first need to become aware of what thoughts you allowing to take form in your mind.

What thoughts are frequently surfacing? How are they affecting your feelings and impacting your actions (or inability to take action)?

It’s also important to acknowledge that you are in a constant dialogue with yourself. You are both the speaker and the listener. Notice how you talk to yourself in your consciousness. Are you expressing positive self-talk and affirmation? Or are you instilling a dialogue of self-doubt and defeat?

The reality that you experience in the physical world manifests in your thoughts first. The experiences in life are all neutral, but it is the mind that labels and attaches a feeling of positivity or negativity.

Action item: Meditate. Through meditation, we can become an observer of our thoughts. We can acknowledge which ones surface and give them the freedom to be released. Observe the types of thoughts that arise and become aware of their presence. If you have a negative thought that surfaces, re-construct it through positive energy.

2. Define exactly what you want to attract into your life

If you don’t define what you actually want in life, how will you even know if you have it or not?

(relate to example of achieving a goal in the gym)

In the same way, you have to define what you want to manifest into your life in order to know if you have attained it or not. With the Law of Attraction, you need to be very specific about what you want to manifest.

What is it exactly that you want? What does it feel like when you have it? What does it look like in the physical world? And most importantly, why do you want it?

Action item: Write it out! Visualize exactly what you want to manifest in your life and write out all of the details. Write down your manifestations in present tense, as if they are already your reality.

3. Re-program the subconscious.

The thoughts you allow into your subconscious mind are what will manifest into your reality. When you program your mind with self-limiting beliefs, doubt, or fear, you are self-sabotaging what your are capable of creating with the Universe. You are literally limiting your potential in your mind, before even seeing what is possible! Your subconscious mind is what actually determines your reality, not your ego self.

If you are already believing in your mind that whatever it is that you want, is not possible, it will not materialize.

Thoughts become things, and in order to get what you want, you first have to deeply believe at the subconscious level, that you are manifesting your desire.

Action item: Take a look at your daily habits, thought patterns, and the media you consume. Are they serving your higher purpose and adding value to your life, or are they diminishing the conviction you have in yourself?

I would strongly recommend journaling and meditating, right when you wake up and before you sleep. Allow space for mental clarity and to release any self-limiting thoughts. Write daily affirmations to build up your belief that you are attracting what you desire.

When you change your small, daily habits, you are re-programming your subconscious mind.

4. Act with intention.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is based on energy. In order to materialize your thoughts, you must translate that inner energy outwards, through taking action with intention.

The universe won’t move unless you do. With the Law of Attraction, manifestation is a co-creation with the universe. As much as we all want the universe to give us exactly what we want and need, it doesn’t work that way. You have to work in synchrony with the universe in order to manifest what you want through the Law of Attraction.

Action item: Get clear on your intention for what it is that you want to attract into your life. Use that intention to create inspired action.

5. Surrender.

You may be thinking, “surrender? I though the Law of Attraction was all about creating my own reality.”

Creating does not mean controlling.

I repeat, creating does not mean controlling.

The Law of Attraction works through co-creating with the Universe on the controllables (the process), while surrendering with the Universe on the uncontrollables (outcome).

Surrendering the outcome doesn’t mean that you give up effort or any intentional action that is required for manifestation. Surrendering the outcome is about cultivating peace for what is outside of your control, trusting that the Universe will guide you in the direction that is meant to be.

Ultimately, you must commit to the controllables (thought energy, intentions, subconscious programming), surrender the outcome (what is outside of your control), and trust the process.

When your surrender, you release fear and let life flow perfectly as it is meant to be.