How the Law of Attraction and Manifestation Work


how the Law of Attraction and Manifestation work

You create your very own personal reality.

You’re literally doing it right now, but you may not be consciously aware of your creation.

Take a moment, and look around you. Where are you right now? Who are you surrounding yourself with? What objects are within your reach? How do you feel about your life right now?

Everything that is surrounding you in the physical world is a manifestation of your internal thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives. Whether you like what you are seeing in your reality or not, what is present in the material world is of your choosing. You literally have ALL of the power to create your reality!

You see, life is like the ultimate game of “virtual reality”. You have been given an avatar (for me right now, it’s a twenty-something year old girl named Chelsea, who has blonde hair, green eyes, olive skin, living in San Francisco). With this avatar, you get to decide how you want to dress, what color to dye your hair, what you want to cook for lunch, who you want to engage in conversation with, how you want to spend your money, whether you will go to the gym this morning, or if you want to hit snooze on your alarm…

You get to continuously select choices that guide your avatar through this game we call LIFE.

You are constantly creating an ever-changing avatar that is the “self”, cultivating a unique perspective, making different decisions, constructing thoughts, that all shape who you are and how you experience this game of reality.

When you wake up and realize that this IS a game, you can make the decision to play this game consciously, and literally live and perceive yourself and the world, however you choose to.

Everything is Energy

The Law of Attraction and manifestation is based upon the core principle that everything in this universe is energy. This has been proven by physics, taught in Eastern philosophy for centuries, and has been explored in philosophy since the dawn of time.

Things appear to be solid and separate from each other at the physical level, but at finer levels, I’m talking atomic and subatomic levels, everything is just pure energy.

And we, and everything around us, is made up of the same energy. You and I are both made up of the same energy. We just think we’re different, because the ego creates separateness. Remove the ego and just live out of the soul, and you will understand that we are all the same. We are all consciousness, just experiencing life in different human bodies.

The Law of Attraction affirms that that energy is magnetic. Energy of a certain vibration attracts similar energy. So whatever energy you put out into the world, that energy will be reflected right back to you.

If you think humanity is inherently bad, you will primarily see the wrongfulness of humans... war, destruction, aggression, judgement, selfishness, etc.

If you think humanity is inherently good, you will primarily see the pureness of humans… kindness, empathy, honesty, support, love, etc.

At the base level, energy is just a vibrational frequency (non-physical). But, energetic frequencies can manifest as physical.

For example, I have a friend who views the world through the lens of love and connectedness. He will send me pictures all of the time of hearts carved into sidewalks, “angel numbers” on food receipts, beautiful sunsets, and will tell me about a random act of kindness he witnessed that nearly brought him to tears.

He sees and experiences physical manifestations of the thought energy he holds internally, which is that of love and joy.

Your internal reality = your external reality

How does manifestation work?

Your thoughts become things in the material world. It ALL begins with your thoughts.

Here is a very basic example:

Say you want to a cup of tea. You first have to have the THOUGHT of wanting a cup to tea, before having it. Your mind (your thought) communicates with your BODY, to physically get up, boil some hot water, and steep a tea bag in the water. You started with a thought that created a signal for the body to take action. And now you have your warm cup of tea :)

thought → intention → action → physical manifestation

Now, let’s go a bit deeper.

When you focus your attention on something (either material object or thought energy), you are activating it’s frequency, allowing it to be realized in your perception of physical reality.

Note: Frequency is NOT physical. Frequency is the representation of that vibration, which differs for everyone! Hence why we are all living in our own realities.

Say I’m walking with another person down a street in San Francisco. The person with me says, “ugh, this city is so filthy, there are so many people, it’s so noisy, and the buildings here look so old”. But in my mind I’m thinking, “Wow, this city is amazing. The tarnished orange paint on that house looks so beautiful contrasted against the blue sky. And look at the leaves on that tree, dancing in the wind.” (literally something I would think while walking down the street, which may even bring me to tears!)

Two different experiences, same physical place. Two different energetic frequencies, same physical space. Two different perceptions of reality.

We use our minds to perceive all of the energy in the world, and apply meaning to it. Every physical object is really just a representation of an energetic frequency, that you are translating into an experience. (Which poses the question, what is “real” in reality? But that’s a whole other topic to dive deep into!)

Think about when you download a song and hit the “play” button. The song isn’t really physical, you can’t touch it, or hold it with your hands. But you are still experiencing that song right? Your brain is processing the song as being real, despite it having no physicality in the world.

The same principle applies to life. You are simply transmitting energy which in turn produces your reality. Therefore, everything in your reality is a reflection of your perspective, your energetic frequency.

The material world is like a mirror, where everything and everyone you are seeing, is just a reflection of YOU. And if everything in your reality is YOU, then you have enormous power to create a reality that is the manifestation of the highest version of your true, divine self.

So, maybe you’re taking a look around, and you’re thinking, “well, I don’t like any of this sh*t in my life! WTF happened!”. Maybe you hate your job. You can’t afford a better apartment. You’re constantly nitpicking the way your body looks. You’re in a relationship that leaves you feeling powerless. You’re surrounded with people who are constantly stressed out and complaining about every little thing.

Before you start getting down on yourself, as you begin to realize that all you are experiencing has been manifested by you, take a pause. So, maybe you manifested a life that you aren’t loving. That’s okay, it’s all part of the game. Don’t you see, if you manifested this life, think about how much power you have to CHANGE it. You literally hold the power of the entire universe to manifest an entirely different reality for yourself!

How can you manifest your ideal life?

Well first, you have to up level your inner reality.

Remember, your internal reality creates your external world.

Reflect upon your internalized beliefs, patterns, habits, reactions, feelings, and emotions. Allow what is stored in your subconscious mind to rise to your conscious awareness, so that you can consciously make changes in your life.

What does you internal reality look like? Chances are, it is matching the same vibration that is being reflected back to you in the physical world.

In order to up level your physical reality, you must up level you inner vibrational frequency first. You have to be an energetic match to manifest what it is that you truly, deeply want. You have to shift your self-limiting beliefs to new beliefs that serve you. You have to train your mind to carry out new patterns and habits that benefit you. You have to cultivate positive reactions to your circumstances, and reclaim your power. You have to train the subconscious mind to operate at a higher vibrational frequency, so you can live a life that is serving your highest self.

When you master your mind, you become the master of your life.



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