25 Acts of Self-Care That Cost Literally Nothing


25 acts of self-care that cost literally nothing


Some of the best acts of self-care are priceless. You don’t need money to practice care. You don’t have to be bathing in a colorful bubble bath with aromatherapy candles burning, and a glass of wine in hand, to relax. You don’t have to have a a million crystals for each chakra in order to re-center and realign yourself. You don’t need to go on some lavish, exotic vacation to far off destination to give yourself a needed break.

You actually don’t need anything at all to practice self-care. All you need is yourself.

Self-care is all about feeling good and well-connected with your true, inner self. In order to spread positive energy into the world and help other people, you have to cultivate that compassion and love for yourself first.

Treat yourself with kindness and try out some of these acts of self-care that cost absolutely nothing:

  1. Meditate

  2. Acknowledge everything you are grateful for

  3. Move your body

  4. Go for a walk outside in nature

  5. Visit your favorite place in your city by yourself

  6. Do something that you loved to do as a child

  7. Dance like no one is watching

  8. Learn a new skill

  9. Have a conversation with a stranger

  10. Close your eyes and just listen to music

  11. Smile for a full minute, simply for being alive

  12. Volunteer in your city

  13. Send a letter of appreciation to you old teacher or professor

  14. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers

  15. Eat something healthy and delicious

  16. Say “no” to something you don’t want to do

  17. Watch the sunset

  18. Stare at the moon for a few moments

  19. Forgive someone

  20. Work on a passion project

  21. Stretch your muscles

  22. Get some sunlight

  23. Connect with an old friend

  24. Get some extra sleep

  25. Do absolutely nothing. Just be.