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I’m Chelsea

I am a Spiritual Wellness Coach who helps people bring their lives into full alignment at the mind, body, and soul level.

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My mission is to guide people on their spiritual journeys, by aligning the mind, body, and soul in absolute harmony.

I am here to empower people to embody their Divine Truth, so they can fully step into their ultimate power and achieve the mission their soul came here to accomplish.


you chose this existence for a reason

You came here with a mission. You signed a contract to drop into this plane of existence to learn a divine lesson and bring love into the physical world. In order to fully embody pure love and light, the mind, body, and soul have to be working together as a cohesive unit.

When you take care of your mind and body, you create an open channel for the Soul to receive limitless power from Source energy. When you are tuned into this boundless energy, you are opening yourself to the magic of the Universe. You will begin to notice all of the synchronicities constantly occurring around you. You will see and hear the messages given by divine guidance. You will attract people in your field that are assisting you on your journey, while simultaneously helping them do the same. You will find yourself tapping into the magic of life unfolding in every instance.

Your mind is a powerhouse for energetic frequencies that can literally alter your reality.

Your body is a vessel for consciousness to express itself in this physical world.

Your soul is your true Self, here to experience the lessons and achieve its mission on the physical plane.


my work

I help people bring their mind, body, and soul into full alignment, so they can activate and express the Divine Energy that is waiting to radiate outwards. I am here to guide you into stepping into your full power, so that you can live and experience life in constant expansion and limitlessness.

My method works with the mind, body, and soul as a harmonious unit. When your mind, body, and soul are working in full alignment and are attuned to the same higher, energetic frequency, you are able to fully embody the pure love and light that you are.


my story

I have always had this innate feeling that I was meant to be living a purposeful life. I was here to live a life that was full of meaning, passion, service, and love. I intuitively knew that my soul had a reason for choosing this existence as “Chelsea” and that it was my responsibility to fulfill my ultimate mission and share my gift.

Growing up, I was insanely curious, self-aware, and observant. I was constantly asking “why?”, trying to understand the reasoning for doing what was expected by society and where these arbitrary rules of living were stemming from. I wanted to really understand what this whole collective vision really was and why we decided to dream into it.

I remember carrying such a strong belief that we are all the masters of our lives, and that we can create anything we dream. I am incredibly grateful for having parents that instilled this essence of confidence, grace, and creative thinking in me, starting at a young age.

Losing my sense of control over my life

But like all of us, I battled emotional trauma that shook my world and shifted my beliefs.

In 2008, the recession hit and my father lost his business. At the time, we were living in a million-dollar home in Southern California and looked financial abundant from the outside. But suddenly we found ourselves in severe debt that completely stripped away all financial stability and security. My home environment became incredibly toxic, my parents relationship broke apart, and the collective family unit was tarnished. I felt an incredible loss on every level of my life. And for the first time ever, I felt that I lost all sense of control over my reality.

My eating disorder and exercise addiction

To pacify the pain and feel a sense of control, I developed a severe eating disorder and exercise addiction. I lost nearly 30lbs in just a few short months, going from 125lbs to my lowest of 90lbs at 5’4”. I remember eating fewer than 800 calories, while forcing myself to workout to burn at least 1000 calories a day.

I completely ignored the fact that my body actually needed food and calories to literally SURVIVE and carry out normal functioning. I would run my fingers through my hair and it would just fall right out. My naturally round face became sunken in and looked lifeless. I lost my menstrual cycle and thought it was totally normal. I was became so physically exhausted, and my mind filled with even more depressive thoughts, anxiousness, and OCD tendencies.

I was following a “clean eating” diet, which is basically eating only foods that are totally unprocessed (“clean”), while avoiding all other foods like the plague (“dirty” or bad). I became terrified to eat foods I once loved, fearing that I would gain a ton of fat if I had even just a small scoop of ice cream. I then found “flexible dieting”, or macro counting, which helped me understand that food is literally energy that fuels the body to physically function. While my relationship to food improved, I was still obsessively about food, weighing and tracking every bite.

During this time, I also became obsessed with bodybuilding and powerlifting. I would lift weights for upwards of 2 hours a day and my one rest day a week felt like absolute torture. I was exercising out of resentment, hopelessness, and negative energy, instead of self-love and gratitude for my body.

Fitness wasn’t all about how I looked though. When I exercised, I would enter a very deep meditative state that I now realize put me in a state of altered consciousness. Problem was that I became attached and obsessed with that higher state, not knowing how to ground my energy down.

My “spiritual awakening”

When I moved to SF after college, my life began to improve. My relationship to exercise and food began to change. I felt a lot more financially secure as I was earning a solid earning at a fast growing tech company. I fell in love with the essence of San Francisco that made me feel like I was returning “home”.

But something felt like I was missing. I knew there had to be something more to life than just going to a job Monday through Friday, and going out on the weekends.

For some odd reason, my intuition told me to start running. Up until that point, I hadn’t gone on a run for about two years. But one day, I listened to the call, and I went on a long run in San Francisco, running nearly 20 miles. I felt as though I could run forever.

During one specific moment, I had an out of body experience that I still cannot quite find the words for. I felt as though I had risen out of my physical form, left my ego behind, and became everything surrounding me. I was the drop in the ocean, the blade of grass, the warmth of the sun, the red paint on the Golden Gate Bridge, the laugh of the child I was running past…

I was all of what was and what is.

Tears streamed down my face and I felt this huge release wash off of me. I forgave my father for all of the pain he caused my family, and I finally rid myself of the resentment and anger I was holding onto for so many years, keeping me from becoming my highest self.

I let it all go.

When I got back home, I started to think perhaps it was just a “runner’s high”, and people experience that kind of thing all of the time. But it wasn’t. Whatever shift had occurred strengthened day after day, and I truly could not see the world the same. My entire perception of reality had shifted and there was absolutely no going back to who I was before that moment.

That moment sparked my spiritual journey. I became fascinated with the connection of the mind, body, and soul, and the subtle layers of reality that are not apparent to the mind itself. My spiritual practice expanded into studies and practices of Ayurveda, meditation, Kundalini yoga, psychedelics and plant medicine, Tantra, and various modes of energy healing. I also found myself in the most amazing conscious community with friends that I would say are my “soul family”.

Living my Divine Purpose

My spiritual path began to unfold very rapidly. I became more open to receiving guidance of the Higher Source and seeing the magic of life. It became very clear to me, through many signs and synchronicities, that I needed to leave my job in tech.


I had such a deep, intuitive knowing that by staying in my tech job, I was severely limiting my potential as a human being and letting my inner child down. But the money, stock options (that were worth a “life-changing” amount of money), and financial stability kept me tied to a job that wasn’t lighting up my soul. All of the past trauma from my father’s loss of the business severely affected me, and kept me gripping on out of protection for the ego and its safety on the physical plane.

Finally, after a series of synchronistic events, I left my job. I surrendered to my intuition and this higher calling that I know is my ultimate path. Since then, I have been manifesting nearly all of my soul’s desires, allowing myself to tap into the magic of the Universe and committing myself to embodying love and light in all aspects of my life.

I have chosen to live in Divine Truth and pure bliss.

I am now committed to helping others on their own journeys back to Source, and remembering Who They Really Are.