Move beyond the physical.

Your fitness routine should serve the totality of your existence. Not just make you look good.


 Hi, hello, nice to meet you. i’m chelsea.

I am here to help you wake up to the totality of your existence through wellness and fitness.

For years, I used to exercise and diet to make my body look a certain way, or to achieve some physical fitness goal.

I was focused so much on the physical level, that I failed to realise the miraculous effects fitness can have on the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

After having an out-of-body experience while running, I knew I was something beyond just my physical form. It wasn’t until then that I found myself embarking on a spiritual journey, to connect with my inner self at a far deeper level.

My approach to wellness, integrates modern nutritional and exercise science, with Eastern practices including Ayurveda and mindfulness. It’s about time fitness goes beyond the physical.


Free Ayurvedic Fitness Plan

A free, 4-week wellness program, that infuses Ayurveda and spirituality into exercise and nutrition.

Elements of Ayurveda are combined with modern science, helping you balance your mind-body type.

What’s included:

  • 4-week workout plan for each dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

  • Tons of information on spirituality, Ayurveda, and modern nutritional science.

  • Food recommendations for your mind-body type.

  • Step-by-step guide for calculating your daily calories/macros.

  • Daily food journal for tracking meals and practicing conscious eating.


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Connect with your body, expand your consciousness, and elevate your soul.

The Body of Soul podcast brings you all things wellness and spirituality, with topics including Ayurveda, nutrition, Law of Attraction and manifestation, mindfulness, meditation, Eastern philosophy, psychedelics, plant medicine, and more. 


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